On 29/10/10 00:28, VDR User wrote:
I wonder if there is an easy way to recompress
all recordings that are not already H.264 into
H.264 files, making them a lot smaller without
losing any quality.

The only way to not lose quality is to keep the bitrate high,
especially for recordings with a lot of motion.  You should encode
with constant quality (CRF) set to whatever the minimum quality you
want to preserve.  You can also reduce the resolution a bit, just make
sure to maintain the aspect ratio.

And don't try to scale interlaced material without using a good
deinterlacing filter first.

Bottom line is that you will not
get smaller filesizes without making sacrifices.  Data is lost with
every encoding pass.

The point of H264 is that it can achieve better quality for a better bit
rate. Although some quality will be lost by transcoding, you could
probably halve the file size without making a noticeable difference.

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