I have been using VDR for over 10 years now,
so I currently have ~4TB of VDR recordings.
Some of them are SDTV/MPEG2, many of the newer
recordings are HDTV/H.264.

I wonder if there is an easy way to recompress
all recordings that are not already H.264 into
H.264 files, making them a lot smaller without
losing any quality.

Since my HTPC is using the graphics card anyway,
I do not rely on the vdr GUI. As long as the 
result can be played with xine and mplayer,
it would be fine.

Would it be easy to write a small script that
goes through all recordings, finds out whether
the recording is MPEG2, determines the H.264 
bitrate that produces approximately the same
quality and calls mencoder to convert it?

Has somebody already done that?
Any pointers welcome!


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