On 14.10.2010 19.17, Vesa wrote:
From: Rolf Ahrenberg

Would it help to modify the plugin's GetSTC() method only when

+ if (Replaying())
+    STC -= 500000L; // or configurable: 900L * ReelSetup.STCDelayMs;

Yes, that works. Complete fix for ReelBoxDevice.c around line 996:

- return (stc == 0) ? -1LL : stc;
+ if (Replaying())
+ stc -= 520000L;
+ return (stc == 0) ? -1LL : (stc&  0x00000000FFFFFFFF);

With this change Reelbox delivers stc in correct format and timing is
correct for live show. For recordings 520000 is suitable mid range offset on
Yle SD feed. I assume that eHD buffer is for mpeg/h264 and delay is based on

No, you must be kidding! I guess, that kids must wash their teeth and go to sleep soon (even it's autumn holiday), so that daddy can test this without waiting too much :D


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