On 15.10.2010 10.28, Vesa wrote:
Unfortunately it is not working.. The Working Fix is this:

- return (stc == 0) ? -1LL : stc;
+ if (Transferring()){
+ stc -= 90000L;
+ }
+ else {
+ stc -= 520000L;
+ }
+ return (stc == 0) ? -1LL : (stc&  0x00000000FFFFFFFF);

Replaying returns always true, Transferring returns true only for live. eHD
seems to need small delay also for live.

With this patch eHD looks usable device. I have to do long time testing for
stability, but so far it is more stable than xine/vdpau based solutions. I'm
using reelbox testing tree version 15208 for reelbox-3 and eHD device

Is it still required to modify also the dvbsubtitle.c?

btw; Your previous patch reelbox-svn15208-vdr.bin for reelbox svn 15208 didn't apply clean to VideoPlayerHd.c. The line 313 in svn 15208 (VideoPlayerHd.c) start with:
const UInt repeat = 6;
and your patch expect it to start with
const UInt repeat = 4;

It's easy to fix, but I thought I let you know...


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