On 14.11.2010 12:07, Luboš Doležel wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm use VDR on my server with a DVB-S card. I use it to stream TV
> channels and record TV shows. Recording works great for SD channels, but
> is broken for HD channels.
> Whenever I ask it to record a HD TV show, it starts recording (but the
> .ts file doesn't grow in size) and after 30 seconds it terminates
> unexpectedly. It says the video data stream is broken, but it's actually
> fine! There are no problems with watching HD channels streamed from VDR...
> I suggest VDR should stop taking care about the stream correctness and
> should just start recording. Because until then vdr-streamdev-server and
> wget are the only working combo.

You can turn off the "emergency exit" in "Setup/Miscellaneous/Emergency exit".
However, that won't change the fact that the recording can't be done, I guess.

> Aside from that I don't understand why it terminates completely if it
> _thinks_ some bad data arrived. Data errors may happen at any time and
> it's not a valid reason for an emergency exit.

My guess is that it fails to detect the frame borders correctly.
You may want to set DebugFrames to 'true' in remux.c and see what
gets written to the console when you start a recording.


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