Dear Jörg,

Am Montag, den 13.12.2010, 23:49 +0100 schrieb Joerg Bornkessel:


> is it possible to add the patch/diff attached to the mail?
> I get the patches always inherited in the mail.
> Its more ezy to handle by Klaus then.

I am used to Git, where it is easy to apply mail messages using the
following command.

        git am /path/to/file

I have not tried using `patch` with an mbox file. But it should work

> btw,
> also it should patched then the script newplugin in the main vdr src
> dir, see attached file.

Thank you. I forgot about that. I hope the third iteration of the patch
with your Signed-off-by will be fine [1].

> And finaly, if the patch is applyed in the core vdr,
> plugin developer should be forced to fix this also in her
> development trees ;)

Is there a way to do that. Or is the only option to bug them and send
them patches?




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