On 12/25/10 09:48, Halim Sahin wrote:
> Hello,
> On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 09:59:19PM +0100, Oliver Schinagl wrote:
>> so its nothing illegal, also you can use 1 smartcard on more than 1 dvb
>> card, even CI-less cards.
> I don't think that it's legal in germany or in other countries.
I don't think softcams are illegal, using cardsharing services is ..
legally debatable, but a softcam, in combination with your own
smartcard, should be legal.

> Please don't spam this thread with such suggestions.
Hardly spam, just a suggestion/workaround to get a workable legal solution. And 
with all the CI-less hardware out there, from PCI cards to USB cards and even 
WinTV offering a cardreader only (I belive they might be using a softcam in 
their win-ware) this may be the only solution to some.

>The is a problem which can be reproduced 
>by other vdr users as well so that should be fixed in core vdr.
Is this problem only to VDR? or has anybody noticed this same behaviour with, 
say Myth or something else. Could it be a kernel bug?

It seems/feels like the cam is crashing and that's why it needs to be reset, as 
sometimes the cam menu brings a 'CAM: -' message, indicating it isn't 
initialized any longer. Unrelated btw, I sometimes have a horribly A/V sync 
issue when changing encrypted channels. E.g. the video runs fine, but the audio 
is first missing, then slowly starts dripping in, kinda like how a torrents 
work, until after about 10 seconds all the sound runs smoothly. It only happens 
occasionally though ... very strange, but could be related.

>Suggesting these plugins will not help everyone.
It very well may help people until this bug is solved. :(

Btw, I'm not sure if I mentioned, but this is happening in VDR 1.6, and I 
belive Halim has it on 1.7? So it has been around for quite a while. I can try 
patches if needed, as it should be pretty straight forward applying them on 
Gentoo, but 1.6 would be prefered.


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