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> I've bought many graphics cards over the years and every time one came
> with a fan it's been noisy and I've replaced it with an aftermarket
> cooler with a bigger heatsink, and either a bigger fan(s) or no fan.
> People have different standards of noisy. If everyone was as demanding
> as me they wouldn't have considered using an XBox as a media player!

Indeed they do.  I'm particular about noise as I use htpc's with my
televisions.  I don't want to watch something and have to listen to a
fan.  If I can barely hear a fan with the tv off, that is acceptable
but it must be very low noise.

> The pictures of these cards are enough for me, I'm sticking to my
> assumption that if I bought a GT220 I'd have to budget for either
> getting a specialist model with silent cooler, or replacing the cooler
> myself.

No, pictures aren't enough.  That's as silly as saying you can look at
a car and somehow magically know how it handles while driving.  Sorry,
doesn't cut it.

>> Maybe a better idea is to not assume anything at all, but rather
>> actually look up real life data or just buy one and see for yourself
>> (as I did).  There's no reason to take guesses about any of this
>> stuff, plenty of users have posts their results and specs at various
>> forums.  A good place to start would be nvnews.net and read the thread
>> "VDPAU testing tool".
> The results don't give the right information to determine how well a
> card can handle 1080i.

You apparently don't know the results come from analyzing actual
playback of actual samples of actual content.  Yes, the data tells you
exactly what kind of performance you can expect since it's generated
from actual use cases.  Again, stop assuming everything and turning
your nose up at first-hand experience.  I've ran those tests myself,
obviously know what deinterlacers I'm using, and have watched plenty
of content seeing the result with my own eyes from the hardware we're
talking about.  Additionally I've done the same with various hardware
configurations..  What you're telling people simply doesn't agree with

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