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> It's a bad assumption to say lesser expensive gt220 cards have cheap
> and noisy fans.  It's simply not true.

I've bought many graphics cards over the years and every time one came
with a fan it's been noisy and I've replaced it with an aftermarket
cooler with a bigger heatsink, and either a bigger fan(s) or no fan.

People have different standards of noisy. If everyone was as demanding
as me they wouldn't have considered using an XBox as a media player!

The pictures of these cards are enough for me, I'm sticking to my
assumption that if I bought a GT220 I'd have to budget for either
getting a specialist model with silent cooler, or replacing the cooler

> Maybe a better idea is to not assume anything at all, but rather
> actually look up real life data or just buy one and see for yourself
> (as I did).  There's no reason to take guesses about any of this
> stuff, plenty of users have posts their results and specs at various
> forums.  A good place to start would be nvnews.net and read the thread
> "VDPAU testing tool".

The results don't give the right information to determine how well a
card can handle 1080i.

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