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> I also/mainly mean more economical in power consumption and ease of
> installation and cooling. Most cheap GT220s have fans (most likely cheap
> & noisy ones) so I wouldn't want one of them in my HTPC. A fanless one
> might overheat being packed in closely with my DVB cards. But many
> motherboards already have integrated NVidia chipsets with HDMI,
> including audio, and basic VDPAU functionality. Mine is an 8200 and I
> know there's also been a lot of interest in Ion systems for HTPCs, so I
> think finding some way of getting these systems to display 1080i nicely
> should be a good move.

It's a bad assumption to say lesser expensive gt220 cards have cheap
and noisy fans.  It's simply not true.  It's funny you mention ion as
well.  I have both ion and ion2 systems as well.  One I'm using as a
full time htpc, the other is a test box at the moment.  And they do
1080i just fine.  The ion1 box can't do temporal-spatial on 1080i but
it does temporal just fine.  I'm very satisfies with the very low
power and no noise from the ion's.

Maybe a better idea is to not assume anything at all, but rather
actually look up real life data or just buy one and see for yourself
(as I did).  There's no reason to take guesses about any of this
stuff, plenty of users have posts their results and specs at various
forums.  A good place to start would be nvnews.net and read the thread
"VDPAU testing tool".


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