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ke, 2011-01-19 kello 12:48 +0200, Niko Mikkilä kirjoitti:
> ke, 2011-01-19 kello 10:18 +0000, Stuart Morris kirjoitti:
> > My experience with an nVidia GT220 has been less than perfect. It can
> > perform temporal+spatial+inverse_telecine on HD video fast enough, but
> > my PC gets hot and it truly sucks at 2:2 pulldown detection. The
> > result of this is when viewing progressive video encoded as interlaced
> > field pairs (2:2 pulldown), deinterlacing keeps cutting in and out
> > every second or so, ruining the picture quality.
> I think VDPAU's inverse telecine is only meant for non-even cadences
> like 3:2. Motion-adaptive deinterlacing handles 2:2 pullup perfectly
> well, so try without IVTC.

Not perfectly well apparenty; there will be slight artifacting at sharp
horizontal edges, so the trigger to deinterlace is pretty low. Probably
to avoid any visible combing in interlaced video.

Pullup seems to work fine for me though, but I only have VP2/"VDPAU
feature set A" hardware.


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