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> Subject: Re: [vdr] Deinterlace video (was: Replacing aging VDR for DVB-S2)
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> Date: Thursday, 20 January, 2011, 16:32
> Hi,
> Am 19.01.2011 13:42, schrieb Stuart Morris:
> > One would need to be able to access the decoded frame
> containing 2 fields
> > and perhaps use an OpenGL shader to perform field
> based colour space
> > conversion and then draw the first field to the frame
> buffer. At the next
> > vertical sync the shader would convert the second
> field and draw that to
> > the frame buffer. With VDPAU is there a new OpenGL
> interop function that
> > allows access to the decoded frame?
> If you enable bob deinterlacing you'll get that. Just set
> an
> interlaced video mode of appropriate resolution. Cannot
> tell
> whether VDPAU honors TOP/BOTTOM field flag and displays the
> frame
> when the field is due. This was always a problem with xxmc
> and
> VIA EPIA CLE 266. Incorrect field order is most noticeable
> on
> fast movements.

It is very similar to bob except the crucial difference is that both of
the most recent fields are present in the frame buffer at the same time to
avoid field display order problems. Where bob would simply scale each
field to the full height of the frame buffer at field rate, we would need
each field line drawn on alternate lines leaving the previous field on the
lines in between (i.e. weave the 2 most recent fields together at field

Conventional bob on an interlaced display would sometimes display
correctly and sometimes not depending on luck, because field synch would
be required.


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