Am Donnerstag, 24. März 2011 schrieb Holger Schvestka:
> Am Donnerstag, den 24.03.2011, 11:38 +0200 schrieb Mika Laitio:
> > [...]
> > Maybe just adding a patch branch to
> > http://projects.vdr-developer.org/git/?p=vdr.git;a=summary ?
> > It could also contain some other known patches for 17.7, like the
> > vdr-1.7.17-updatemarks-2.diff or vdr-1.7.17-updatemarks-3.diff...
> maybe kls adopts all this patches in vdr-1.7.18 ?

Even if kls does not adopt this patch that fast, I will not add it to the 
above git repository. That GIT is maintained by me and it will contain only 
releases provided by kls. That is and will remain its intended purpose.

Of course one of the intentions of that GIT is it to be cloned :)
Host the clone on http://projects.vdr-developer.org and and apply the patch 
you mentioned yourself.

The site projects.vdr-developer.org is open for everybody who want's to host a 
vdr related project ;)


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