> Hi Chris (and list)
> I've just been doing a bit more testing with my recently acquired
> Nanostick
> 290e...
> I added a fake channel with the frequency 618000000 MHz (my HD mux),
> QAM256,
> and everything else set to auto or random values. I then switched to it.
> vdr
> then picked up BBC HD, ITV1 HD, Channel4 HD, and BBC One HD.

Hmmm, interesting, Qam256 is used in the US for Unencrypted cable.  Does
anyone know if a ClearQam US tuner would work with VDR if you pointed it
at a Freeview UK HD Mux?  Will have to bring one when I next visit my
sister in London.  However, if it did, the plethora of cheap ClearQam
tuners would help get VDR users HD Freeview..

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