I've finally managed to tune my 290e in as well. I have discovered that I need to remove all of the 2-way splitters that I'd been using to connect everything up to the wall socket, and then w_scan and scandvb can find the HD signal. But my version of ffmpeg (0.6.3) is struggling to decode the stream and so I'm not getting any sound. The pictures are OK, though. So maybe it's just that this PC is slightly underpowered? (2x2.66GHz P4 Xeons with HT enabled). I'll try using a beefier machine tomorrow.

And if I'm still getting a HD signal tomorrow, I'll know that my 2-way splitters really are the problem too :-). Although the loss of the splitters will be a problem in the long-term, because now I'm limited to only one DVB-T/T2 receiver.

One problem at a time...


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