> The signal from my aerial goes through an amplifier to another amplifier with four outputs!
> I could probably do with a new aerial!!

Interesting, it hadn't occurred to me to use an amplifier. Although the HD MUXs are all broadcasting at low power at the moment until Digital Switch-Over is finished, so it's possible that this problem will sort itself out then. But right now, it looks like my splitters degrade the HD signal to the point where the tuner refuses to lock. Maybe I could buy better splitters, or maybe putting splitters on coaxial cables is not as "plug and play" as I'd supposed and my tangled pile of wires was generating interference.

One other point: your amplifier arrangement seems rather sophisticated. Are you *sure* it's sending the same amplified signal to each of its four outputs? This might explain why your 290e can't find the SD MUXs.


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