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> I've finally managed to tune my 290e in as well. I have discovered that I
> need to remove all of the 2-way splitters that I'd been using to connect
> everything up to the wall socket, and then w_scan and scandvb can find the
> HD signal. But my version of ffmpeg (0.6.3) is struggling to decode the
> stream and so I'm not getting any sound. The pictures are OK, though. So
> maybe it's just that this PC is slightly underpowered? (2x2.66GHz P4 Xeons
> with HT enabled). I'll try using a beefier machine tomorrow.

For me, it was actually very easy to get going:

- install drivers (I'm currently on the ones pulled in by the media_build 
script but I htink the vanilla 3.0.x kernel drivers would have worked)

- create a fake channel on the frequency of the HD mux and with QAM256 (I 
think vdr could find the new mux because I'd been getting loads of "can't tune 
to channel 0" messages for a while which I put down to the HD mux and not 
having anything that could tune to it at the time: maybe it would have "just 
worked" given time)

- tune to the fake channel and let vdr add the real channels

- delete the fake channel!

My current vdr box isn't beefy enough to play back HD recordings (2.7 MHz P4) 
but it can happily record them and I can play back on my "main" PC using a 
vdpau-enabled Nvidia card.

> And if I'm still getting a HD signal tomorrow, I'll know that my 2-way
> splitters really are the problem too :-). Although the loss of the
> splitters will be a problem in the long-term, because now I'm limited to
> only one DVB-T/T2 receiver.

My 290e doesn't want to tune to any of the SD muxes at all but works fine on 
the HD one! Could be faulty but if it works OK for HD it's fine for me! The 
signal from my aerial goes through an amplifier to another amplifier with four 
outputs! I could probably do with a new aerial!!

The problem I currently have is the encoded epg from the HD channels. I've got 
eepg running now but I htink that only processes EPG from the DVB stream 
rather than processing existing EPG data. This is a problem because I'm 
downloading EPG from Radio Times and feeding it in using xmltv2vdr. Even so, I 
don't think eepg was unencoding any new EPG data.

The epgsearch plugin manages to find A LOT of recordings when your EPG is 


One step at a time...



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