Al 09/09/11 21:19, En/na Reinhard Nissl ha escrit:

> No matter which OSD size I setup in vdr-xine (e. g. 720x576, 1280x720 or 
> 1920x1080), the subtitles are never positioned correctly and vdr-xine 
> complains very often like that:
> vdr-xine: new OSD(-152, 0) requested with coordinates out of range

Reinhard, I'm using vdr-xine-0.9.3, and after setting the osd to
1920x1080, the subtitles are positioned correctly, at least on the
bbc channels on 28.2E, both hd and sd.
Previously I had the osd set to 640x480 (IIRC) and either the subtitles
didn't show or they were at the left of the screen, vertically in the
The "normal" osd on 4:3 channels is compressed horizontally (it
still covers the whole width of the screen but the characters are
narrow), but the subtitles are fine.


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