Because this is just client..
Just vdr-sxfe what is capable play with VDPAU...

Still I need to solve "some" problems at server end.. Get vdr-1.7 + skinsoppalusikka + epgsearch + some other plugins to install them to same machine.. Maybe I need to pick every piece from them original location and try to compile everything from source code.

Once I had ubuntu lucid + yaVdr testing, then one day I made mistake and let system update itself... Didn't work since! It didn't help to re-install that lucid and add yaVdr testing deb's, it won't install because there is version problems.

On 23.10.2011 11.43, M. Fiegert wrote:
On 22.10.2011 21:48, JJussi wrote:
My choice was Asus AT5IONT-I Deluxe ION Mini ITX + CF to SATA == Totally
silent, no fans.

Now next big question. Distribution!
What distribution offers all needed components... Like xinelib2, so
xineliboutput-sxfe could use VDPAU.

Do you want a vdr only or a universal pc including vdr?
Maybe have a look at yavdr:

I am running a standard ubuntu 10.4 plus yavdr packets on an ION Board for two years now. VDPAU setup was very easy with this. It seem that there are no recent ubuntu packages though, only vdr-distribution.


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