On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 7:10 AM, Tony Houghton <h...@realh.co.uk> wrote:
>> I'm a vdpau user and can say it's works just fine here.
> Did you compile the xine stack yourself? I find it's very picky, eg if I
> try to use a repository with a set of packages that allegedly support
> VDPAU, vdr-sxfe doesn't work at all, and there are also difficulties
> getting xine, mplayer and gstreamer to all coexist with ffmpeg.

I compile xine-lib-1.2 myself.  I use mplayer-nogui (and have used
mplayer2), but I don't use gstreamer, and don't bother installing
ffmpeg since everything works fine without an external copy.

> Wouldn't fit. The Microserver only takes low profile cards and the x16
> slot is also the one nearest the side of the case so there's no room for
> a double height backplane or thick heatsink like this:

Sorry, I missed the low profile card requirement.

> An 8400GS might fit, but I wouldn't expect its VDPAU capabilities to be
> up to much. I currently use 8200 onboard graphics with mplayer VDPAU and
> it's rather jerky as if it's dropping frames just on 720p (with the TV
> at 1280x720 so no scaling is required). But that could be mplayer
> struggling to sync 24fps to 60Hz.

I used 8400's before upgrading to GT220 & GT240.  They worked ok but
the best deinterlacer I could use on HD content was bob.  I haven't
used an 8200igp as you are but based on my experience with 8400, I
would guess 8400 is the minimum requirement.

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