On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 3:53 AM, Arturo Martinez <marti...@embl.de> wrote:
> With
> gui.dropped_frames_warning:0
> in the config file
> (which was added while xine was not running)
> I still get a popup if I use the OSD for a minute or so
> See screenshot:
> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9975371/IMG_20111122_124523.jpg
> So since the line does not truly disable warnings for me, my question
> still remains valid.
> Is there a different line I need to put in the config file or else how
> can I mod the source code to make the warnings invisible?

The command works as expected so the only possible explanation is user
error.  So either xine was running when you edited the config file, or
you didn't edit the right one as Torgeir Veimo suggested.  You have to
edit the config file for whichever user has started xine.  If you
started xine as root then edit /root/.xine/config, if you started it
as user timmy then /home/timmy/.xine/config, etc..  There is one more
option also.. You can use the -c command line switch to force xine to
use a certain config file:

xine -c /path/to/good/xine.config

Then you can verify the config contains the correct setting with:

[[ $(grep "^gui.dropped_frames_warning:0" /path/to/good/xine.config)
]] && echo "config is good :)" || echo "config is bad :("

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