I am using the right config and the warnings still show.

Lets prove it...

ps -ef |grep xine

 xine --no-gui --no-logo --no-splash -pq -A alsa -f -V xxmc --post vdr
--post vdr_video --post
--config=/home/tv/.xine/config vdr://tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes

So that´s my xine running and shows it is using for config

Now I run the grep command on it:

grep "^gui.dropped_frames_warning:0" /home/tv/.xine/config && echo
"config is good :)" || echo "config is bad :("

And the result is:

config is good :)

Yet if I open vdr´s OSD and fiddle with it for a minute or so I am
guaranteed to get the dropped frames warning.

cxfe does not have the warning problem but unfortunately it does not
support xxmc acceleration :(

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