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>> How about the new truecolor osd VDR has now?
> Well, you did ask regarding a "HD OSD" which isn't automatically a true
> color OSD ...

Sorry, I had two questions. 1) does it support HD resolution, and 2)
does it support truecolor. I should have been more clear. Sounds like
the answer is yes to both though.

> Whereas AFAIK true color OSD is also possible with SD (576i) output, e.g.
> xine/xineliboutput. The main problem, there isn't any real true color OSD
> skin out there, to use it ...

I've made several truecolor themes for yaepghd but bball (the author)
never added support for it so I've been hoping for another option to
use them. Do you know of any VDR skinning tutorial? Maybe my work can
be used afterall.

> But the skins I did test, looked impressive with softhddevice :-)

I've now tried softhddevice and upon first impression, I like it!
However, I do have some things to say...

- I haven't figured out how to enter fullscreen mode. The README.txt
does say you need a windows manager but that installs too much crap I
don't need/want. Fullscreen mode should be possible _without_ a
windows manager.

- There's a lot of junk logging, such as:

video: 23:29:31.541 +833  432 206/\ms   3 v-buf
video: 23:29:31.541 +833  432 206/\ms   3 v-buf
video: 23:29:31.561 +853  432 206/\ms   3 v-buf
video: 23:29:31.561 +853  432 206/\ms   2 v-buf
video: 23:29:31.581 +843  545 206/\ms   7 v-buf
video: 23:29:31.581 +826  529 206/\ms   7 v-buf
video: 23:29:31.601 +813  495 206/\ms   7 v-buf

If this is useful for debugging or dev work, it should only be enabled
with a debug switch or something, but spamming the log with info that
appears useless to a regular user is bad behavior.

- Helpful logging is missing. For example, I didn't see anything
telling me I'm using VDPAU. I didn't see anything telling me what the
current deinterlacer being used is. These types of infos _are_ useful
imo and should be present in the log.

- I didn't see an option to toggle between surround sound and
surround-to-stereo mix anywhere. This is very useful to people who
don't leave their receiver and surround sound speakers on 24/7. And
also for people who watch channels with surround sound but only have
stereo speakers.

All our systems are minimal. All using VDPAU. All using audio+video
over HDMI. No windows/desktop/etc, only xserver -> only because
vdr-xine/xineliboutput/xine-lib need it to create video output. All
systems are installed on usb stick or sdhc card.

I'm not sure how (un)stable the plugin is yet but I'd like to continue
using this plugin while it matures.

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