> - I haven't figured out how to enter fullscreen mode.

Well, AFAIK this is mentioned in the README. There are a couple of
switches/options for the plugin start, one of them is "-f" for full screen.
An other one is "-d" for the correct display and "-x" to start xorg by the
plugin. And no, there is no need for a display manager, I wonder where you
got this information ... most of us do test the plugin on existing Linux
desktop installtion, because there's quit a way to go ...

But VDPAU is IMHO closed to be ready for production use, but not VA-API or
even XvBA ...

Since author "johns" AFAIK isn't dealing with this mailing list, you could
place your questions here in this tread:


Don't worry just post in english, you'll get the answer also in english. Or
feel free to open a new one in english, you will get answers in english ...


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