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>> - I haven't figured out how to enter fullscreen mode.
> Well, AFAIK this is mentioned in the README. There are a couple of
> switches/options for the plugin start, one of them is "-f" for full screen.
> An other one is "-d" for the correct display and "-x" to start xorg by the
> plugin. And no, there is no need for a display manager, I wonder where you
> got this information ... most of us do test the plugin on existing Linux
> desktop installtion, because there's quit a way to go ...

>From "vdr -h":

softhddevice (0.4.7) - A software and GPU emulated HD device

  -a device     audio device (fe. alsa: hw:0,0 oss: /dev/dsp)
  -p device     audio device (alsa only) for pass-through (hw:0,1)
  -d display    display of x11 server (fe. :0.0)
  -f            start with fullscreen window (only with window manager)
  -g geometry   x11 window geometry wxh+x+y
  -x            start x11 server
        -s              start in suspended mode
  -w workaround enable/disable workarounds
        no-hw-decoder           disable hw decoder, use software decoder only
        no-mpeg-hw-decoder      disable hw decoder for mpeg only
        alsa-driver-broken      disable broken alsa driver message

See -f.. "only with window manager"..  Also, with the -g option, what
is "wxh+x+y" supposed to mean exactly? wxh(resolution?)+x(x position
for top left corner of the window?)+y(y position of top left corner of
the window?)...?  That's just a guess -- it should be made more clear

Also, if softhddevice can start an xserver, it should be able to do it
in fullscreen mode so I see no reason at all for windows manager

Btw, most of the users I know don't use a Linux desktop, they have
dedicated systems connected directly to their tv. I think it's good to
consider at least the most common setups.

> But VDPAU is IMHO closed to be ready for production use, but not VA-API or
> even XvBA ...

That's good news since I'm a VDPAU-only user. ;)  I did want to build
an i5-based VDR test box just for fun though so eventually I do plan
on trying the other option.

> Since author "johns" AFAIK isn't dealing with this mailing list, you could
> place your questions here in this tread:
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board17-developer/board21-vdr-plugins/109700-softhd
> device-software-vdpau-va-api-cpu-decoder-und-ausgabe-plugin/?s=b83100f9ae841
> a9015a5769eb450a5611c1c7cb8
> Don't worry just post in english, you'll get the answer also in english. Or
> feel free to open a new one in english, you will get answers in english ...
> ;-)

Thanks, I just send him a private message providing a link to this
thread and asked that he read it when he has a few free minutes so I
don't have to copy&paste.

I do see some promise with this plugin and it's _great_ that one
finally exists which will offer different HW accelerated options, and
not require xine-lib.

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