On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 2:38 AM, fnu <v...@auktion.hostingkunde.de> wrote:
> Dudes,
> did set up a basic VDR on Ubuntu Precise yesterday and it did work as 
> expected.
> Install a minimal Ubuntu from alternate installer, add "apt-get install xorg 
> nvidia-current", VDR e.g. from our yaVDR PPA (ppa:yavdr/unstable-vdr, 
> ppa:yavdr/main) incl. vdr-plugin-softhddevice and you're almost done. 
> SoftHDDevice does start with this basic Xorg from Ubuntu repository, no 
> additional WM like openbox, fluxbox, lightdm etc. needed.

I've been testing softhddevice basically since I first saw this
thread. I never heard of softhddevice before that. So far it works
fairly well. There are a few issues to sort out (such as issues
ffw/rew h264 recordings, allowing users to set the color of the
non-video area *for plasma tv users, etc) but overall it's off to a
great start imo. Also, the issues I've found also existed and were
fixed in vdr-xine so I'm confident they could be fixed in softhddevice
as well.

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