On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 12:18:00PM +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 29.02.2012 12:13, Heikki Manninen wrote:
> >I have a number of different Conax CAM modules from different manufacturers 
> >and all of them disappear from VDR after a couple of days running. Hitting 
> >CAM reset on the CI menu will bring it back "online". Naturally all Conax 
> >channel recordings will fail silently as a result of this until the CAM has 
> >been brought back up. Switching to an encrypted channel just gives the 
> >standard "channel not available" message.
> >
> >This happens (for me) with Satelco DVB-C card with Satelco CI. From what I 
> >understand, this seems to be a common problem though I'm not sure whether it 
> >is limited to Satelco devices only.
> >
> >Would it be possible to force CAM reset on all CI slots when VDR is trying 
> >to start recording non-FTA channel?
> Wouldn't it be better to fix the actual problem and prevent
> the CAM from "disappearing"?


For me this seems to be driver issue, not VDRs fault. CI poll ioctl write seems 
to fail sometimes with my KNC One (saa7146) budget cards . Following patch 
seems to help in my case:

--- dvbci.c     2007-01-04 14:49:10.000000000 +0200
+++ ../vdr-1.7.21/dvbci.c       2011-10-12 10:49:45.689684447 +0300
@@ -62,8 +62,10 @@
 void cDvbCiAdapter::Write(const uint8_t *Buffer, int Length)
   if (Buffer && Length > 0) {
-     if (safe_write(fd, Buffer, Length) != Length)
+    if (safe_write(fd, Buffer, Length) != Length) {
         esyslog("ERROR: can't write to CI adapter on device %d: %m", device->De
+       Reset(device->DeviceNumber());
+    }


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