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                I have a number of different Conax CAM modules from
                different manufacturers and all of them disappear from
                VDR after a couple of days running. Hitting CAM reset
                on the CI menu will bring it back "online". Naturally
                all Conax channel recordings will fail silently as a
                result of this until the CAM has been brought back up.
                Switching to an encrypted channel just gives the
                standard "channel not available" message.

                This happens (for me) with Satelco DVB-C card with
                Satelco CI. From what I understand, this seems to be a
                common problem though I'm not sure whether it is
                limited to Satelco devices only.

                Would it be possible to force CAM reset on all CI
                slots when VDR is trying to start recording non-FTA

            Wouldn't it be better to fix the actual problem and prevent
            the CAM from "disappearing"?


        For me this seems to be driver issue, not VDRs fault. CI poll
        ioctl write seems to fail sometimes with my KNC One (saa7146)
        budget cards . Following patch seems to help in my case:

        --- dvbci.c     2007-01-04 14:49:10.000000000 +0200
        +++ ../vdr-1.7.21/dvbci.c       2011-10-12 10:49:45.689684447
        @@ -62,8 +62,10 @@
         void cDvbCiAdapter::Write(const uint8_t *Buffer, int Length)
           if (Buffer&&  Length>  0) {

        -     if (safe_write(fd, Buffer, Length) != Length)
        +    if (safe_write(fd, Buffer, Length) != Length) {
                 esyslog("ERROR: can't write to CI adapter on device
        %d: %m", device->De
        +       Reset(device->DeviceNumber());
        +    }

    I tried this, but I'm afraid it doesn't help.
    The Reset() call was never triggered, even though my CAM went from
    operation to the "CAM ready" state, and not even an explicit reset via
    the Setup/CAM menu brought it to life again. Only after reloading the
    driver and restarting VDR did it work again.

    My theory is that switching channels is what's causing the problem.
    When I trigger an EPG scan, the problem typically occurs after a
    Maybe it's caused by tuning to channels that are no longer available,
    so the frontend times out. However, there's no reason why a frontend
    timeout should lead to a CAM freeze...

I've had this problem for years on my TT-2300-C-FF and TT-1501-C cards with Alphacrypt Multicam. Updating the CAM has no effect, same experience with multiple versions of VDR. Most of the time the CAM can be brought back to "Ready" by doing a CAM Reset from the VDR menus multiple times. On rare occasions the CAM will still be "Ready" but I still get "Channel not available", until I do a CAM reset a few times.

I have a crude script which looks for "ERROR: can't write to CI adapter on device" in the syslog which notifies me so I can do the "CAM reset" (often multiple times) from the VDR menus.

This appears to be either a bug in the dvb code - which has never been fixed. To be honest - it's nice to hear other people have had the problem!!
Heh, I have several CAM problems with my TT-1500-T card using Conax cam.

A little over a year ago, I needed to reset the cam a few times per hour! A kernel updated fixed that. So now, I still have:
* Cam needs to be reset a couple of times per week.
* When changing channels, sometimes an entire bouquet is 'CHannel not available', while other encrypted bouquet's work fine. Changing channels a few times remedies this, very annoying. * (This may not be cam related at all) sound quite often stutters (or silent at first, then slowly stutters right) when arriving at a channel. Takes a few seconds to get proper sound. Image tends to be fine. This however also happens on FTA channels, so may be not cam related.

Just a 'me too' like post so it's not just you (and me) that have this problem with TT 15xx based cards.

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