On 9 March 2012 10:09, Niels Wagenaar <n.wagen...@xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> Does anyone have vdr-sxfe running flawlessly as a local frontend for HD 
>> content?
> I use a fully updated yaVDR 0.4 and I don't have any issues with the
> vdr-sxfe frontend.

Hmm. I have the same (yaVDR) running on an ION330 box. The channels I
most have problems with are 1080i HD at bitrates of around 9-10 MB/s.
Perhaps you could post your ~/.xine/config_xineliboutput to
http://gist.github.com or http://paste.ubuntu.com ?

> For me, XBMC with the xvdr plugin seems to produce very ackward results and 
> most
> of the time I'm not able to watch anything because it's still
> synchronizing the channels

Yes, I don't use the xvdr plugin as it is still very buggy. I simply
take the playlist of channels from streamdev (available at
http://example.com:3000/ on your vdr box) and generate .strm files [1]
which I access from a vanilla XBMC Eden via the Videos --> Files

> BTW, you do know that can play all kinds of media (including DVD's)
> with vdr-sxfe right?
> I use vdr-sxfe because it's one of the few frontends which allows
> mediaplayback without any additional plugins.

Yep I did know about these, but XBMC provides a much richer experience
for DVD, Blu-ray playback. e.g., cataloguing and display of a library,
automatic display framerate switching etc.



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