On 2012-03-09 16:28, Dominic Evans wrote:
On 9 March 2012 15:11, Jonas Bardino<jo...@bardinosen.dk>  wrote:
I launch vdr-sxfe with a command that overrides video_num_buffers,

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add the buffers cmdline to my
vdr-sxfe startup. Interesting that you're using xvdr+tcp://localhost
rather than the default unix pipe. Intentional?

That's a good question actually. I have experimented a *lot* with xine and xineliboutput to get sound through on the AAC/LATM encoded channels here in Denmark, so it may just be something that made a difference at some point along the way - I don't remember. I'm pretty sure my playback glitches are from the combination of unstable-vdr and fairly new LATM support in ffmpeg/xine, but maybe I'll investigate if the pipe works better at some point.

The result is still not perfect with occasional glitches but it's not
bad and after fighting for months with just getting HD channels
running I'm quite happy.

Yeah its great having HD channels playing and recording. It just makes
me a little sad that XBMC playback of them is flawless, but with xine
we seem to have to settle for "only occasionally glitches" ?

Here XBMC is absolutely unstable and always has been, while vdr-sxfe runs quite well. I haven't been able to get sound out of XBMC TV since the channel switch to LATM audio, either. It should be noted that I mean XBMC with TV over the various pvr plugins.

Cheers, Jonas

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