On 2012-03-09 16:34, Bio H wrote:
i also have struggled for this holy grail
xbmc would really be the ideal interface for me (just cant beat this
flexibility - try playing a .bin / .img over a network which is .rar'd -
cant do this on vdr)
i like the xbmc plugins and flexibility, for the most part. :)
for last few months i've been trying xvdr, but i have to say i have
mixed feelings/results on this, and it's not very stable (from my
the deprecated vnsiserver/client has fallen off the radar by now... not
many options other than streamdev/strm files.

i found i kept getting warnings about insufficient buffers with the setting


, so i bumped that up to 35

I got the warnings, too, but ended back at 22 when it didn't make a visible difference. This is on an Atom box with scarce resources, so ymmv.

only other setting i'd suggest re-examining is the


at least on my system, kernel is faster. :)  autodetect should be fine
for this... ?
(it should test all of them)

I started out with auto detect but then set it to libc which it selected. The start up delay for auto is probably small, so I guess it's a safe bet in most cases.

Cheers, Jonas

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