On 9 March 2012 16:25, Tony Houghton <h...@realh.co.uk> wrote:
>> I actually currently have deinterlacing disabled on both xineliboutput
>> and XBMC.
> AIUI interlaced fields are encoded as a pair in one field, so for most
> video players "disabled", ignoring the interlacing flags and treating it
> as as normal frame is the same as "weave". You usually get quite
> noticeable combing artifacts with that. "Bob" is more or less an
> alternative way of doing next to nothing; it displays each field in turn
> without any attempt to combine them.

Ah, actually looking at config_xinelibeoutput, I think vdr-sxfe
automatically enables some vdpau deinterlacing by default (half
temporal I think?) and the setting I was looking at on the
xineliboutput config isn't relevant. I've switched to bob at your
recommendation anyway :)

I haven't noticed any combing artifacts into XBMC, but as I have the
'match display rate to match video' configured, its possible that XBMC
is just feeding the TV 1080i output and letting it handle the

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