I just wish I could have the full VDR OSD, but within XBMC :)

Most likely will never happen.

 You'll never know. :)

 Haven't looked into XBMC yet, but dbus2vdr (0.0.4) can export the OSD as PNG 
files and signals changes via DBus.
 Disadvantage: you can't use the OSD of the output-plugin anymore (which you 
may not need anymore).

vdr just can use one OSD-provider at the time. Mostly it's instantiated in the "MakePrimaryDevice" of the output-plugin. dbus2vdr can create its OSD-provider which will delete the present one, but can't re-create the old provider (haven't tried yet calling "PrimaryDevice()->MakePrimaryDevice()" yet).
 And it's not possible at the moment to let dbus2vdr recreate its provider. But 
this will come.

 The first use case for this OSD export is a headless vdr. But it may be worth 
trying for your setup, too.
 Please take a look at the README of dbus2vdr line 168ff.

 What you have to do:
Listen for dbus-signals on interface de.tvdr.vdr.osd from object /OSD and send the usual keystrokes to vdr to open OSD and navigate (you can do that also viy DBus, see line 119 in the README). "Open" will inform you about the position and id of the OSD, "Display" sends you a filename to the PNG and its position relative to the position of the OSD. After "Close" all files will be deleted.
 Every PNG between Open and Close have to be displayed over the last ones since 
only differences are reported.

 It's a really young feature and never really tested, and I would like to get 
some input about this.


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