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>I use VDR a few years, but lately I changed my system into ITX (AMD 
>Brazos) and so changed PCI DVB-S2 card into USB. Additionaly I has 
>bought DVB-T tuner.
>While buying hardware I was sure I buy hardware which is supported 
>in-kernel, so no need to hunt for driver.
>Unfortunatelly every from three card I have doesn't work properly.
>The first: Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD.
>Kernel has drivers, but only for the first revision. Second revision 
>which I have need a patch. Patch is even on linux-media 
> , but isn't finished so no 
>hope to have it in kernel soon.
>Anyway I have applied it's modified version from 
> to kernel 3.2 
>and it's almost work. Almost, because sometimes recording becames 
>unplayable. Recording recors eveything, but I can play only some part of 
>file from beginning. The rest is unplayable.
>Looking for something widely used I choosed Pinnacle PCTV SAT HDTV 452E 
>PRO USB. Problems with it i've described in thread: "[PATCH, RFC] 
>STB0899 signal strength (pctv452e, others too?)"
I have been using this card on FreeBSD as well as its `cousin'
TT S2-3600 which uses the same driver with various versions of
webcamd which used various versions of the Linux v4l/dvb tree
(media_tree), first with bits from s2-liplianin merged in and since
(I think) 3.2 using the pctv452e.c driver that was committed to the
vanilla media_tree, and rarely ever had issues.  Currently I'm using
webcamd which uses a snapshot of the for_3.5 branch of

>The last miss was buying USB DVB-T stick based on Af9015. Generally it 
>works, but only a few minutes. I suspect it overheats...
>So I ask: if somebody has one of cards above working, please give me a 
>note with which kernel and with which driver it does work.
>Also I wold welcome advice, which from those rather cheap USB cards 
>works without any problems on stock linux kernel.

 I have been testing various other usb tuners (mainly dvb-t) on FreeBSD
with webcamd (which as mentioned above uses linux' media_tree), see
my (nox) entries on this page on the FreeBSD wiki:

 Besides the pctv452e/TT S2-3600 dvb-s2 tuners which _I_ had not
many issues with I successfully tested the following dvb-t tuners
using dib0700 hardware:

        PCTV NanoStick 73e SE (solo)    [single tuner]
        Hauppauge Nova-TD model 1172    [dual tuner]

 The Sony PlayTV which was mentioned later in this thread seems to
use dib0700 hardware too, but at least here it seems to be much more
expensive than the Nova-TD.

 (And the two af9015 tuners I tested didn't overheat but used to
hang themselves up needing a temporary unplug when left running on
vdr for a day or less, this _seems_ to be better with recent media_tree
versions but I still had to restart at least vdr when it happened.
You can reduce the probability for this to happen with vdr tho:
change the osd setting "Setup -> DVB -> Update channels" to "names
and PIDs" or lower.)


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