On 23.05.2012 08:16, Marx wrote:
Finally everything seems ok. Even DVB-T tuner seems to work.
While it compiles and everything seems ok (I can watch or record from two cards at once), after a while (half day or so) suddenly I get "dvb-usb: bulk message failed", "dw2102: i2c transfer failed.", "INFO: task khubd:111 blocked for more than 120 seconds." etc.

I was searching a few days and while there are many people with similair problems - nobody can solve it.

I'm starting to suspect that something is wrong with USB ports on my PC. I've checked and I connect devices to USB 2.0 ports (while I have 1.1 ports onboard too)
My motherboard: ASRock E350M1
Does anybody heard about problems with USB on this motherboard?

Now I probably will search for PCIEx card because none of three USB cards I own is reliable.

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