On 22.05.2012 09:49, Henning Pingel wrote:
Am Montag, den 21.05.2012, 22:47 +0200 schrieb Marx
W dniu 2012-05-21 21:50, Henning Pingel pisze:
The package linux-media-dkms (0~20120507.git265.301694~precise) [1]
crafted by the yaVDR team for Ubuntu Precise (kernel 3.2) contains the
patches to make the Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD Rev.2 work. I myself am
currently testing such a USB box with this driver package. Except for a
few glitches it works quite well for me (USB box are connected to an
active multiswitch).

I've tried this dkms a few days ago and it didn't work. Modules made
by dkms lacked some symbols (I don't know how it's possible if they
compiled without problem). Maybe scripts doesn't play well with Debian
kernel (3.2) or maybe I had bad version of kernel headers?

Well the DKMS package is for Ubuntu Precise. It contains pre-compiled
amd64 modules for the currently valid kernel version of Ubuntu Precise.

If you install it on a different environment (Debian or Ubuntu 32bit),
all the modules will be re-built automatically and this take 10-30
minutes depending on your CPU power. Give it a try with an Ubuntu
Precise installation to save time.

Also use the patched dkms package from the yavdr repos. The upstream
Ubuntu package dkms contains a bug that causes very slow de-installation
of the linux-media-dkms package.

I was using dkms from yavdr, but something went wrong. Now tried again and everything seems ok - modules compiled and installed, card is recognized. I will be testing it in VDR

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