Gerald Dachs wrote:
That's the current state. I can't think of a good reason why it has to
stay that way though. VDR itself could have a menu that allows to enable,
disable and configure plugins.

I can't see a benefit of this approach. At least for distributors it would get
more complicated to install plugins with a specific default configuration,
because that would mean all configuration informations would go into the
setup.conf and it is no good idea to manipulate this file from outside.


Again: systemd ist *one of many* init solutions and I guess, that Klaus doesn't use a distribution with systemd.

IMHO the "systemd people" will have to create some kind of "adapter script" (and maybe just call it "runvdr" ;) ).

"runvdr-extreme" comes with a solution to enable/disable plugins from the VDR GUI. Maybe that would fit as a base for systemd startup.



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