I demand that Manuel Reimer may or may not have written...

> BTW: "systemd" is one of many init systems. I don't know why this system is
> that special, that it deserves upstream integration. Especially as this
> would just reflect the defaults of *one* distribution.

And we all know which one.

> Another distribution most probably has other ways to configure plugins and
> settings.

So far as I'm concerned, systemd people wanting these files in systemd and
*not* where they really belong is just plain... lock-in.

Updating the file could be interesting, particularly if you need to update it
so that you can do a new release – suddenly you're tied to their release
schedule. What if releases are ‘carefully’ timed?

Assuming that that actually is the case, of course; if not, then fine, no
problem. I currently plan to stick with SysV and related tools regardless,

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