Am 28.06.2012 09:01, schrieb Ludwig Nussel:
Manuel Reimer wrote:
Ludwig Nussel wrote:
Yes. Not only for better systemd integration but in general it would be
better if vdr could work without requiring any external scripting or

You need some external script to call VDR as somewhere it is required
to configure plugins and plugin parameters and many more stuff, VDR
gets via command line options.

That's the current state. I can't think of a good reason why it has to
stay that way though. VDR itself could have a menu that allows to enable,
disable and configure plugins.

I can't see a benefit of this approach. At least for distributors it would get more complicated to install plugins with a specific default configuration, because that would mean all configuration informations would go into the setup.conf and it is no good idea to manipulate this file from outside.

I would like to see the first user of this idea to try to disable a plugin that prevents the start of the vdr because of binary incompatibility. Must be funny.


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