> On 3 July 2012 07:51, Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de> wrote:
> > VDR (and me, too ;-) doesn't care in what way a particular system boots
> > or starts its services.
> It would be handy though, if VDR proper came default with a way to
> toggle plugins on and off in the user interface.

It is nice, but as an additional option. But you absolutely need a way to 
enable/disable/configure plugins from the outside of VDR, in case that a plugin 
crashes on startup, an output plugin does not output in default configuration, 
remote is not working, or similar.

runvdr-extreme for example can enable/disable plugins via menu, but you can 
also do it via a command line tool, or by setting/deleting rc?.d-like symbolic 



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