On 2012-09-07 03:28, Darren Salt wrote:
I've noticed audio brokenness with vdr-xine 0.9.4 and (at least) the BBC
channels on Freeview HD. Recordings are fine and are played back without
problem if played directly rather than via vdr.

There's a sample recording (tarball, with b0rked filename due to the lack of
decoding in stock Debian vdr) at http://tartarus.org/ds/bbchdvdr.tar (file
size is 84172800 bytes; still being uploaded when I sent this).

By 'played back ... directly' do you mean played back with xine, too, or with another player? I used to have loads of problems with xine and AAC LATM encoded audio on my VDR rig, and mplayer tells me that your BBC recordings uses exactly that format:
Playing 2012-09-
libavformat version 54.1.100 (internal)
TS file format detected.
VIDEO H264(pid=101) AUDIO AAC LATM(pid=102) SUB DVB(pid=105)  PROGRAM N. 132

AFAICT support for LATM audio was only added in xinelib-1.1.19 and later:

The LATM channels finally started working here when I upgraded to VDR+xineliboutput from the yavdr unstable packages. My install is a bit dated but I suppose it works with more recent versions than these, too:
ii  libavcodec53            4:0.7.6-0ubuntu0.11.10. Libav codec library
ii libxine2 1.2.1.hg20120511.1541-0 the xine video/media player library, binary files ii vdr 1.7.22-2yavdr1~oneiric Video Disk Recorder for DVB cards ii vdr-plugin-xineliboutpu 1.0.7+cvs20120511.1602- VDR plugin for Xine based sofdevice frontends ii xine-ui 0.99.7~hg20120217-0yavd the xine video player, user interface

Additionally I just tested that your recording plays with audio when played directly in xine on my LMDE (Debian Testing based) laptop with the following packages: ii libavcodec53 5:0.10-0.1 Library to encode decode multimedia streams - runtime files. ii libxine2 1:1.2.1-0.1 Xine media player library, meta-package (development branch). ii xine-ui 0.99.7~hg20120125-1 the xine video player, user interface

So perhaps you need a more recent xine/libav combo.

Cheers, Jonas

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