On 7 September 2012 02:28, Darren Salt <lists...@moreofthesa.me.uk> wrote:
> I've noticed audio brokenness with vdr-xine 0.9.4 and (at least) the BBC
> channels on Freeview HD. Recordings are fine and are played back without
> problem if played directly rather than via vdr.
> There's a sample recording (tarball, with b0rked filename due to the lack of
> decoding in stock Debian vdr) at http://tartarus.org/ds/bbchdvdr.tar (file
> size is 84172800 bytes; still being uploaded when I sent this).

I've never really had that much success with HD channels on Freeview,
although it seemed more stable with live TV rather than HD recordings.

For me (I think! I tend not to bother trying most of the time!), I get
both video and audio but after a while the video will freeze but the
audio carries on. If I play back an HD recording, this will probably
happen after a couple of minutes or so. Due to this, I didn't really
both trying again until recently! I gave it another go when the
olympics was on and BBC 1 HD played live fairly happily for hours on
end. Every now and then the video would freeze but this could be fixed
by switching to another channel and back (audio carries on  quite
happily otherwise!). The time between video freezes seems to be random
so could be caused by an error in the stream that cannot be corrected,
or something like that?!

Every now and then, I update xineliboutput + libxine + ffmpeg to the
latest cvs / hg / git source (and I can never remember which is which
version control system!). I'm currently on all of those from near the
end of July. I keep hoping it will suddenly "just work" but it hasn't
really changed much in this respect that I can see. Also with

For SD recordings it is much more stable although skipping multiple
times in quick succession usually locks it up and requires vdr-sxfe to
be restarted! It's a bit of a pain but I've (nearly?!) learned to live
with that!


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