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> On 2012-09-07 03:28, Darren Salt wrote:
>> I've noticed audio brokenness with vdr-xine 0.9.4 and (at least) the BBC
>> channels on Freeview HD. Recordings are fine and are played back without
>> problem if played directly rather than via vdr.

>> There's a sample recording (tarball, with b0rked filename due to the lack
>> of decoding in stock Debian vdr) at http://tartarus.org/ds/bbchdvdr.tar
>> (file size is 84172800 bytes; still being uploaded when I sent this).

> By 'played back ... directly' do you mean played back with xine, too, or 
> with another player?

Anything using xine-lib.

> I used to have loads of problems with xine and AAC LATM encoded audio on my
> VDR rig, and mplayer tells me that your BBC recordings uses exactly that
> format:
> ...
> Playing 2012-09-
> libavformat version 54.1.100 (internal)
> TS file format detected.
> VIDEO H264(pid=101) AUDIO AAC LATM(pid=102) SUB DVB(pid=105)  PROGRAM N.

That's equivalent to what I got from ffplay when doing some other testing.
(I'm fairly sure that xine-lib's DVB plugin is a little broken wrt Freeview

> AFAICT support for LATM audio was only added in xinelib-1.1.19 and later:

Well... it's safe to assume that I'll have at least the current 1.2 release
installed ;-)

> The LATM channels finally started working here when I upgraded to
> VDR+xineliboutput from the yavdr unstable packages. My install is a bit
> dated but I suppose it works with more recent versions than these, too:
[snip; what I have is mostly current wheezy]

Given that the file could be played back without problem without
vdr-plugin-xine, I'm fairly sure that that's where the problem lies.

I'll have to give the other output method a test soonish.

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