I had lots of problems specifically with BBC freeview HD using
vdr-xine-plugin.  I use debian wheezy with the e-tobi source.  I had a
feeling it had something to do with the deinterlacing plugin but i
could never get it to work however i have recently changed the
deinterlacing plugin to bob in the ~/.xine/config-xineliboutput (or
something like that) and every thing has worked perfectly ever since.


On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 11:49 PM, Laurence Abbott
<l...@club-burniston.co.uk> wrote:
> On 7 September 2012 02:28, Darren Salt <lists...@moreofthesa.me.uk> wrote:
>> I've noticed audio brokenness with vdr-xine 0.9.4 and (at least) the BBC
>> channels on Freeview HD. Recordings are fine and are played back without
>> problem if played directly rather than via vdr.
>> There's a sample recording (tarball, with b0rked filename due to the lack of
>> decoding in stock Debian vdr) at http://tartarus.org/ds/bbchdvdr.tar (file
>> size is 84172800 bytes; still being uploaded when I sent this).
> I've never really had that much success with HD channels on Freeview,
> although it seemed more stable with live TV rather than HD recordings.
> For me (I think! I tend not to bother trying most of the time!), I get
> both video and audio but after a while the video will freeze but the
> audio carries on. If I play back an HD recording, this will probably
> happen after a couple of minutes or so. Due to this, I didn't really
> both trying again until recently! I gave it another go when the
> olympics was on and BBC 1 HD played live fairly happily for hours on
> end. Every now and then the video would freeze but this could be fixed
> by switching to another channel and back (audio carries on  quite
> happily otherwise!). The time between video freezes seems to be random
> so could be caused by an error in the stream that cannot be corrected,
> or something like that?!
> Every now and then, I update xineliboutput + libxine + ffmpeg to the
> latest cvs / hg / git source (and I can never remember which is which
> version control system!). I'm currently on all of those from near the
> end of July. I keep hoping it will suddenly "just work" but it hasn't
> really changed much in this respect that I can see. Also with
> vdr-1.7.29.
> For SD recordings it is much more stable although skipping multiple
> times in quick succession usually locks it up and requires vdr-sxfe to
> be restarted! It's a bit of a pain but I've (nearly?!) learned to live
> with that!
> Laz
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