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But don't forget, you don't make a solution liek VDR a success or BBS like
vdr-portal only with a few "make; make install" users. Over 95% of VDR users
are using a distribution.
I completely disagree with you claiming "over 95% of VDR users are
using a distribution". Most of the users I talk to regularly, or
observe in various forums do not use pre-made distributions, they
compile VDR themselves so they have full control over what patches (if
any) are being applied, how it's set up, etc.
I would never come to the idea to say that over 95% of the VDR users use a distribution and I even would not say the opposite, because I really have no idea.

But what makes you so sure that it is wrong? Do you think you know more than 5% of all VDR users?



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