On 28.12.2012 00:43, Helmut Auer wrote:
If I don't accept patches, I'm blamed for slowing down development.
If I do accept a patch that causes a little work to adapt to (but
looks promising in the long run), I'm being offended by being compared
to Louis XIV. I guess you just can't win 'em all...

You're absolutely right here.
The problem behind is that there are about 250 working plugins for VDR and 
about 200 of these are only maintained by the distributors.

Well, if a plugin is no longer actively maintained, it's probably
time to drop it. You know what they say about dead horses ;-).

So its a lot of work for all distributors to patch these plugins to get those 
running again.
(And I would prefer for my distri to patch VDR instead of fixing these plugin 
But you don't have to care about this, the distributors are using many patches 

If you put all your plugins into PLUGINS/src under the VDR source directory 
the old Make.global still in place), change into PLUGINS/src and do

  for i in *; do make -C $i all; done

I would guess that they build regardless whether they use an old or new
Makefile. Maybe you should give it a try.


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