Am Sonntag, 3. März 2013, 14:46:56 schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
> - When sorting recordings by name, folders are now always at the top of the 
> list.

that reminds me -

I do not quite understand the sorting of recordings (all of the same
series "Bones"). Shouldn't that by default be by date, oldest first?

this is vdr 1.7.33 with no patches and plugins xineliboutput,
markad, epgsearch, femon, osdteletext. I will only update when
I am sure the makefile changes are stable. 1.7.38 seems to be
the first update without makefile changes, was that it?

I have no *.sort file (never toggled sorting order with 0 yet), so
I guess it should sort by time? Just like it does for new folders.

I have this strange order: (4 columns: short date, starting time (omitted),
length of recordings (omitted)  and long date)

so - no name is shown (because it would alway be be the same?)

19.02.13   2013.02.19
26.02.13   2013.02.26
02.12.10   Don 02.12.2010
04.11.10   Don 04.11.2010

if I press "0", time sort is correct. "0" again and it is wrong again.
Since no names are shown, why is toggling active at all?

And why does it show different formats for the long date?


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