On 24.03.2013 11:00, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> rainbow_1920x1080.theme
>> rainbow_1280x768.theme
> Themes are all about colors - why do they even need to mention resolutions?
> Besides, skins should react dynamically on the current OSD size.

as mentioned right after giving the example, that's the way some of the
themes unfortunately work, but that's due to the technology they use
(they are displaying background images and the like, which are
pre-generated for that exact resolution, possibly a dynamic scaling
won't look right in those cases). On the other hand, I'm completely with
you, they should behave better, but they are not my skins, nor do I
particularly use them, I was only trying to help the users a bit, which
add such skins without touching any code...

>> just because there still are plugins having to use skins which are
>> resolution-dependent, so those names aren't at all that uncommonly long
>> like your example, yet they try to carry some little useful information.
>> And still, one of them is already violating the limit (if we do not
>> consider the file extension). Of course, you might say, take out the
>> '_', or the 'x', I could answer I'd rather take out some letter out of
>> "rainbow", and so on, you see what I'm trying to point out, it's hitting
>> a limit difficult to argue...
>>> So I'd say the limit is there for a reason, and should stay there.
>> Could you at least please, name it?
> Keeping the names *short* ;-)

Seriously ;) ?

> This limit has been in there for almost ten years and has apparently
> never been a problem (at least not to my knowledge). I can't change that
> so close before the release of a major new version - even if it might
> look like it won't break anything. You can get back to me with this after
> version 2.0.0 is out. Version 2.1.x can pick up such changes again...

That's fair enough and also ok with me, thanks.


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