On 24.03.2013 13:24, Helmut Auer wrote:
>>> There's nothing to find anymore, I had to debug crashes of a plugin
>>> (not my own) which were caused by migrating to the new makefile,
>>> because cflags and c++flags were differnet.
>> I can't imagine, that this is caused by a changed Makefile.
> There are lots of things that you can't imagine ;)
>> Which plugin are you refering to?
> softhddevice and live Plugin.
> There was a mismatch between c an c++ flags and this was surely caused
> by the new makefile system :)
>>> I searched for the segfault in the code but the reason was the make,
>>> and that costs me some days.

I could give you another example, Christopher, of which Makefile was
migrated by yourself, with exactly the consequence pointed out by
Helmut, I only don't think we're allowed to mention that plugin here, so
just remember, 3 months ago, "Issue #18" of that Plugin on Github...

Regards, Lucian

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