Lucian Muresan wrote:
I wonder, do you use vanilla VDR or a patched VDR on Archlinux?

One patch (MainMenuHooks) which doesn't change anything on the plugin API.

uses the extended patch, it's just the way it is, users are just glad
that this is possible for them, and when doing so it is absolutely
necessary that all of the plugins are built with the exact same DEFINES
introduced by the patches, and that happens to well, happen or not, in
the plugin Makefile.

The best way to resolve this would be to switch to separate patches as soon as possible. The extension patch is broken by design, as it causes the VDR to place header files with conditional compiling expressions. So the API changes based on the DEFINES even after installation!

Ignoring them, just because of thinking "plugin A does not use any of
the patches X, Y or Z, so I don't need the DEFINES" is likely to give
you a working plugin only if you are _very_ lucky, otherwise unexpected
crashes will bite you.

The extension patch already patches *many* files in the VDR source, so as it requires the DEFINES to be exported, it should also patch the Makefile to export them in the cflags variable in vdr.pc.



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